Give The Gift of Dance

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No gift is as precious and valuable as teaching your child a SKILL.

Looking for the perfect gift to give your child this year – a gift that is valuable, puts a smile on your child’s face and lasts a lifetime? If yes, then enrol your child into Two Shoes Dance Academy. We offer quality dance and vocal training in a variety of styles that help children develop important motor skills and boost their self-confidence.

Two Shoes Dance Academy – Tap Your Way into the World of Dancing

Two Shoes Dance Academy is one of the best singing and dancing schools for kids in Melbourne and the fastest growing in the Northern Suburbs. At TSDA, we provide dance and vocal training to children under the age of 16 by professionally trained, experienced and inspirational teachers and choreographers in a fun and supportive learning environment, ensuring that they learn and enjoy their classes to the fullest. Our aim is to help them master the art of singing and dancing and to be able to perform their routines in front of an audience.

From hip-hop and jazz, to contemporary and ballet, to tap, acrobatics, body conditioning and vocal coaching, we bring the world of singing and dancing under one roof. Your child can choose any dance genre he or she loves and learn it professionally. We provide both group classes and private tuition.

At TSDA, we don’t just teach dance steps, we teach our students skills that can be used in everyday life. Our teachers help unlock their true potential and let children discover their real passion for singing and dancing. We believe that by teaching children the right skills such as a positive outlook and correct breathing and posture, it becomes easier for them to learn any routine in his or her genre of choice, without any hassle and being able to execute it flawlessly. It becomes easier for children to own their routines and let their personality shine through whilst making it all appear effortless.

Our trainers also pay attention to body fitness and health with an in house fitness advisor. We provide children nutritional guidance and teach them exercises to develop their upper and lower body strength, stamina and greater flexibility of the body. Increased body stamina allows our students to perform routines without getting exhausted and flexibility helps them perform exciting, new maneuvers and make tricky footwork look beautiful.

Locations We Cover – Our Widespread Network

TSDA has 2 fully equipped studios – our dance school in Essendon and our dance school in Westmeadows. We offer dance training services to kids in and around Melbourne including areas but not limited to: Essendon, Ascot Vale, Glenroy, Stathmore, Pascoe Vale, Greenvale, Northcote, Brunswick, Jacana, Wyndam Vale, Niddrie, Gowanbrae, Westmeadows, Gladstone Park, Attwood and Cragieburn.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your child the Gift of Song and Dance.

Enrol your child into Two Shoes Dance Academy today! Contact us at [1300 – 3 – DANCE]


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