COVID-19 & Two Shoes Dance Academy
Our online programs were born from the need to keep our children and our community safe and protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important now more than ever, that our children see some normality to their routines for their emotional well being. That they continue exercise and physical activity; the key to staying happy and healthy. So that while your children may be off school and at home, we’re happy to keep them actively engaged in learning giving you a break! Dance classes within the comfort of your own home allow children to socially connect with their teachers and peers. It will be the highlight of their week!

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“The best dance school in Melbourne!” – Tashena Perry

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“Two Shoes Dance School is the best decision I ever made for my little girl.” – Tracy Sanders

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“Dancing is like reading a book… It takes you to another place and while you’re present in the studio nothing else matters…”

Caroline White, Two Shoes Dance Academy Director