Senior Squad Program!

Your child is not a number at our studio, faculty closely monitor the safety and progression of each dancer to ensure they produce outstanding results. Along with multiple performances throughout the year, we also hold social events which help students grow deeper bonds with their teachers and peers reinforcing their sense of belonging, boosting their confidence and leaving them feeling empowered. Two Shoes Dance will teach your child how to collaborate and communicate effectively, to work as a team player – all of which can be taken into their everyday lives.

– Billy (another amazing cheer team member)

“There are a thousand different ways to express yourself, one of them is through cheer. It’s not just about flipping around doing tricks. It’s about how the tricks make you feel. That split seconds when your body isn’t touch the ground or seeing the joy on someones face when they land their first round off. It’s those little moments that makes me love cheer.”

Our Senior Squad classes

In our Seniour Squad sessions you’ll experience…