Glee Club

The perfect introduction to the Broadway art form of Musical Theatre. Glee Club is a combination class integrating the Southern Federation of Dance Jazz syllabus with vocal training.

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A little bit more about glee club...

If your child loves to sing, and dance, and do it at the same time, this class is for them! Glee Club class combines dance and vocal training in a fun and encouraging environment. One of the most rewarding aspects of Glee Club is the improved sense of confidence we see in our students. Students grow to love performance, and take pride in their singing abilities to really shine on stage.Bringing together dance and song takes co-ordination, memory, aerobic fitness, and a lot of practice, but the result is extremely rewarding, and highly enjoyable to watch!


Each Glee Club class consists of a physical warm-up and stretch, dance technique exercises from the Southern Federation of Dance Jazz syllabus, vocal warm up exercises and aural activities, and some choreography. Our thorough warm-up routine increases flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness in students, while Jazz exercises promote co-ordination and physical awareness.
Vocal training consists of several activities to target specific aspects of singing technique. We focus on articulation, vocal range, pitch and colour, breath control, posture and facial expression. To increase musicality in students we incorporate the Solfege system, as well as simple aural skill exercises in class.


We offer the Southern Federation of Dance Jazz syllabus. Students commence with level 1 Jazz work, and advance to level 2 once the exam is completed. Usually, a student will complete one SFD Jazz exam per year, and often Level 1 is completed by 6-8 year old students. The exam work curriculum offers structures classes, where students thrive in learning and mastering set exercises and dances to perform before an external examiner.


Glee Club students perform bi-annually at the Two Shoes Dance Academy mid, and end of year productions. The mid-year production takes form as a cabaret setting, while the end-of-year production takes place in a theatre setting.

Learning Outcomes
  • Jazz technique
  • Jazz centre work steps
  • Jazz choreography
  • Vocal technique exercises
  • Vocal warm up songs
  • Selected songs
  • Combining singing with dance