Kinder Ballet

A beautiful ballet journey where tiny dancers are inspired by our talented team to begin and continue. Strong foundations are set. Watch your child blossom!

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A little bit more about Kinder Ballet...

This class is the perfect introduction for little lovers of dance, ballet and movement. Kinder Ballet class is filled with fun and imaginative activities, basic ballet technique and dance choreography. Our Kinder Ballet class is focused towards preparing young dancers for the Southern Federation of Dance Ballet levels, while instilling students with musicality, a love and excitement for ballet, and supplying an opportunity to make lasting friendships.


Kinder Ballet class begins with a series of energetic warm-up activities which prepare the student for class. Next we focus upon basic technique. This includes: first position of the feet, demi plies, tendues, rising onto demi pointe, balancing and retire position. Often we will do a port-de-bras exercise incorporating the first, second and fifth positions of the arms. We then progress into the centre to focus upon ballet walks and runs, skipping, stalk walks and gallops. Class will conclude with choreography for an upcoming performance, or an imagination/free play dance.


We do not offer exams for kinder aged students, however the Kinder classes do prepare our students for Level 1 Southern Federation of Dance Ballet class.


We offer our students regular stage and performance opportunities with two productions. They have a mid year showcase and partake in a half length ballet at the end of the year. It is always a joyous occasion for a dancer to perform for their family and friends.

Learning Outcomes
  • Basic ballet technique; arm positions, foot positions
  • Centre Practice
  • Simple step combinations
  • Experience in class situations
  • French terminology
  • Stage, performance & rehearsal experience
  • Musicality
  • Confidence