Victorian Primary School Incursions

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We thrive on giving students the opportunity to experience the joy of dance and movement through Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Cheerleading and Acrobatics sessions.

Our supported dance programs for primary school students, are compliant with the Victorian Curriculum.

School Productions, Parent Presentations & School Discos

We also offer choreography and event management services. Our school productions and parent presentations are an opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills gained through our programs and include student performances of the dances they have learnt.

A Two Shoes Dance Disco is highly structured from start to finish combining students newly found dance skills, games and dance activities. Consultation on the format of the evening, such as the amount of formal and informal dancing required and any special requests regarding music, is essential to putting together a successful function.

Dance Focus & Curriculum

The starting point for Dance learning is ‘everyday movements’. Students learn about dancing safely and become aware of their bodies’ movement capabilities. They explore movement possibilities using space, time, dynamics and relationships. As audience, they observe how other dancers communicate through movement.

Students extend their awareness of how the whole body and different parts, zone and bases can be used to communicate ideas. They explore and experiment with the elements of dance (direction, time, dynamics and relationships) and extend their movement and technical skills.

We support teachers with learning outcomes for their students these include :

  • Happy children
  • Safe movement
  • Coordination
  • Gross motor skills
  • Improved fitness levels
  • Builds strength
  • Sequencing
  • Builds confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Communication
  • Builds creativity
  • Team work
  • Social skills

Caroline, Director and Owner of Two Shoes Dance School, has been dancing for over 20 years and 10 of these have been spent training dance students of all ages, in all styles, all over Melbourne, regional Victoria and Nagoya, Japan. Caroline is a teaching credentials with the Southern Federation of Dance specialising in Classical Ballet, she has worked with leading Australian choreographers and has a wealth of dancing and teaching experience.

Georgia has had extensive training across a wide variety of dance styles also including acrobatics, cheerleading and various aerial circus arts. She has taught at numerous dance schools in Melbourne and regional Victoria, across a wide range of styles, specialising particularly in Acrobatics. She has cheered for the Atomic Allstars and the Latrobe University cheer squad, winning state and national titles and holds her level 1/2 cheerleading coach credentials from AASCF.

Please Note:

  • Instructors Hold WWCC
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • We can bring all equipment required.
  • We are available to come to you during school hours

Please, feel free to call 1300 332 623 with any queries