A Must Read Guide for Dance Parents

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TWO SHOES DANCE ACADEMY’S TOP 10 TIPS – for parents transitioning their children into the world of performing arts!


Here are my tips to ensure a smooth transition for your child into the world of performing arts and to also ensure a successful year of singing and dancing!


Be aware that not all dance schools are created the same, be sure to do your research before deciding on the right one for you and your child. At Two Shoes Dance Academy we offer a boutique experience; professionals customise the classes for our student’s ages and abilities and low student teacher ratios are maintained so that our students gain all the attention they require.


  1. Let your child know what to expect prior to classes commencing.


Feel free to discuss the routine of our classes with one of our friendly TSDA team members. You can then talk your child through the order of our operations. Let them know that once class starts, you will be waiting in the foyer for them until they finish dancing.


  1. Inform our TSDA team members on your child’s needs where necessary.


We have a very diverse range of students at the TSDA and every child is different! Any information you feel we should know about your child will only help our teachers to provide them with the optimal experience. TSDA teachers also need to be made aware, before each class, of any new aliments or injuries your child may be carrying.


  1. Teach your child their dance teacher’s name and help them learn the names of some of their new classmates’ once they start.


  1. Arrive 10 minutes early and take your child to the toilet before class to avoid any accidents or disturbances to their class time.


  1. Don’t rush your child into participating.


TSDA provides a free trial class to ensure students are dance and class ready. All children develop at different rates and it imperative that you allow your child the time and space to begin their journey into singing and dancing when they are ready. Any parents unsure as to whether their child is ready for song and dance lessons at TSDA, my previous blog ‘Is my child dance ready?’ provides a simple questionnaire that is a very helpful reference.


  1. Give your child the freedom to express themselves after class.


To gain an insight into your child’s progression, you can ask them to share with you their experiences. It is normal for your child not to love every second of their class; even professionals have exercises they find less enjoyable to execute than others.


  1. Try to avoid absences.


Children that miss classes can often fall behind on class work and concert choreography leaving them feeling unsure and unconfident. This is something that can be avoided.


  1. Give your child the best chance to succeed and take them to at least two classes a week.


We advise all students to take at least two classes per week at TSDA. The more children practice the quicker they improve. Classical ballet provides a great technical basis for all styles of dance; this year, we have created customised combination classes such as our musical theatre class, where students can learn jazz, tap and vocal techniques. To learn more about the classes offered at TSDA click here. And to view our Timetable click here.


  1. Encourage your child to do their song and dance homework.


Some classes at TSDA will provide students with homework to fast track their progression; a small amount of extra practice goes a long way and can make a huge difference to a student’s development. The TSDA team members are only too happy to offer students extra support and guidance when they need it. If there is something your child is finding difficult or would like to improve on, feel free to discuss it with their teacher. The teacher will be able to provide your child with additional tips or stretching and strengthening exercises to help with tackling any problems they may be facing. Private tuition is also available to offer all students further support if they require.


  1. Take your child to see stage shows throughout the year.


There is no better way for children to understand the importance of their training than by taking them to a show. A night or matinee performance with stunning props, costumes and choreography, can inspire students especially if they are just starting out and have never been on stage before. The Australian Ballet run fantastic seasons that never disappoint and popular musicals such as Strictly Ballroom and WICKED are also wonderful options to see!

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