2014 End of Year Performance

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The Concept of our End of Year Performance Event

Every performing artist needs a platform to showcase his or her talent. Performing in front of the live audience and getting appreciation from the crowd boosts confidence and gives students a sense of achievement. It keeps them motivated and encourages them to push their limits, to try something new, thrilling and more exciting.

To keep this fire burning in our dancing stars, each year Two Shoes Dance Academy organises an end of year performance event. In this event, we give our students the chance to display their dancing skills and unleash their true talent. Our students ignite the stage with their incredible dance performances and always put on a memorable show.

2013 End of Year Performance Recalled

Our 2013 End of Year Performance held at the Gladstone Park Theatre was a massive success. The event featured 16 spectacular dance performances and included more than 40 dancing performers from kinder kids, as young as 3, to children under the age of 16.

Our dancers performed impressive dance routines in front of more than 150 people, showcasing crisp dancing techniques, great stamina, unbelievable footwork and body flexibility, teamwork and flawless coordination, musicality and rhythmical movements.

Featured dance performances included Mambo No 5, The Lion King, Le Grande Classique, Big Jet Plane, You’ve Got a Friend in Me, New York New York and other various acts. Our talented group of dancers truly made it a night to remember for everyone involved.

The perfect end to the event was the TSDA end of the year awards presentation. The excitement and anticipation had been building amongst the children all night, and when the finale concluded the students were presented with outstanding achievement and participation awards and acknowledged by teachers and the audience for their hard work and tremendous efforts. This was a proud moment for the parents, students and the teaching staff involved in the TSDA community.

2014 End of Year Performance – Following the Tradition

Following our legacy, Two Shoes Dance Academy is currently organising the 2014 End of Year Performance on 14th December at the Gladstone Park Secondary College’s Performing Arts Centre. We invite you all to be a part of our annual event and join us as we make 14th December 2014 a night to remember. This year we promise to be bringing you the biggest and the best production so far!

Sneak Peek into the Dance Routines Lined up

The show will feature 23 choreographed dance performances by over 44 of our sensational performers. Some of the performances include choreographed dances from the Disney movie FROZEN, Beyoncé – Put a Ring on it (Single Ladies), Pharrel Williams – Happy, Katy Perry – Roar, the Tarantella, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend and items from the classic musical production of Calamity Jane.

TSDA students are thrilled and excited to perform solo and group routines and display what they have learned from our dance teachers. Our students have been working all year and the 14th will be their night to put on a great show. Be there to watch them shine and sing and dance in the spotlight. We guarantee you, our students will put a smile on your face and it will a fantastic night for everybody involved all in attendance!

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